The Cypress Dome 2022 Issue 33

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Cypress Dome Society Officers

President: Sandra Ford

Vice President: Dhritisha Chakraborty

Treasurer: Jaclyn Diaz

Secretary: Caitlyn Hunter

Social Media Director: Eva Sakowitz

Historian: Steven Archer

Magazine Editorial Staff 2022-23

Editor in Chief: Jaclyn Diaz

Managing Editor: Caitlyn Hunter

Copy Chief: Victoria Maldonado

Production Editor: Sandra Ford & Lillian Snyder

Promotion/Circulation Director: Gian Arellano

Assistant Promotion/Circulation Directors: Jessie Chin Quee & LadyAnn Holderzwink

Creative Director: Jazmin Sanchez

Assistant Creative Director: Deanna Williamson

Art Director: Elijah Booth

Art Screeners: Gian Arellano, Sophia Bloom, Brian D’Orlando, Anissia Ennis, Caitlyn Hunter, & Alyssa Krampits

Creative Nonfiction Editor: Alex La Joie

Assistant Creative Nonfiction Editor: Lillian Snyder

Creative Nonfiction Readers: Gian Arellano, Jessie Chin Quee, Caitlyn Hunter, Alyssa Krampits, & Victoria Maldonado

Fiction Editors: Sophia Bloom, Rosalind Rohrbaugh, & Evyn Tindle

Assistant Fiction Editors: Anissa Ennis & Vanessa Tamayo

Fiction Readers: Elijah Booth, Jaclyn Diaz, Sandra Ford, Jazmin Sanchez, & Deanna Williamson

Poetry Editor: Brian D’Orlando & LadyAnn Holderzwink

Assistant Poetry Editors: Dhritisha Chakraborty

Copy Editors: Sophia Bloom, Dhritisha Chakraborty, Jessie Chin Quee, Alyssa Krampits, Alex La Joie, Vanessa Tamayo, Evyn Tindle, & Deanna Williamson

Graduate Assistant: Steven Archer

Faculty Advisor: Laurie Uttich