The Cypress Dome 2023 Issue 34

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Cypress Dome Society Officers

President: Jessie Chin Quee

Vice President: Alo Devine

Secretary: Grace Weston

Social Media Director: Eva Sakowitz

Promotion Director: Niyanna Jeffcoat

Magazine Editorial Staff 2022-23

Editor in Chief: Alo Devine

Managing Editor: Grace Weston

Copy Chief: Anastasia Ehling

Production Editor: Carly Fisher 

Assistant Production Editors: Grace Weston & Julia Zanatta

Promotion/Circulation Director: Niyanna Jeffcoat

Assistant Promotion/Circulation Directors: Marcela Calabria & Eva Sakowitz

Creative Director: Niyanna Jeffcoat

Assistant Creative Director: Jasmine Crawford

Art Director: Jasmine Crawford

Art Screeners: Marcela Calabria, Faith Eberz, Abi Guthrie, Danielle Porres, & Luke Sara

Creative Nonfiction Editor: Eva Sakowitz

Assistant Creative Nonfiction Editor: Ashley Francke

Creative Nonfiction Readers: Jasmine Crawford, Jonathan Williams, & Julia Zanatta

Fiction Editors: Jordan Alexander & Luke Sara 

Assistant Fiction Editors: Anastasia Ehling & Carly Fisher

Fiction Readers: Bethany Brewer, Marcela Calabria, Robert Clark, Alo Devine, Niyanna Jeffcoat, & Sariah Jimenez

Poetry Editor: Faith Eberz

Assistant Poetry Editors: Abi Guthrie

Poetry Readers: Elisabeth Campbell, Danielle Porres, & Grace Weston

Copy Editors: Jordan Alexander, Elisabeth Campbell, Ashley Francke, Sariah Jimenez, Danielle Porres, & Bethany Brewer