Meet The Team

Students interested in becoming a part of the editorial staff in future years should

1) become active with the club, and

2) contact the faculty advisor. Being on the editorial staff requires a two-semester commitment and permissions-only enrollment in CRW 3950: Cypress Dome Editorship.

Faculty Advisor: Laurie Uttich,

Graduate Advisor: Emma Reinhardt,

Cypress Dome Society Officers

President: Britt Young,

Vice President: Jack Cassaro

Treasurer: Marissa Zumbo

Historian: Emma Reinhardt

Secretary: Shine Curtis


The Cypress Dome Literary Magazine Editorial Staff 2017-18

Editor in Chief: Bri Posner

Managing Editor: Alex Zaldivar

Creative Directors: Rebecca Marshall and Xian Nguyen

Production Editor: Leigh Ann Higgins

Assistant Production Editors: Rebecca Marshall and Xian Nguyen

Promotion/Circulation Director: Nicole Garcia

Assistant Promotion/Circulation Editors: Aaliyah Knight and Camille Ruiz Mangual

Art Director: Madison Smith

Art Screeners:  Emily Horne, Rebecca Laines. Amber Langgle

Copy Chief: Helene Brun

Copy Editors:  Emily Horne, Liv Sunna, Kaleigh Whalen

Creative Nonfiction Editor: Rebecca Laines

Assistant Creative Nonfiction Editor: Glenn Moore

Creative Nonfiction Readers: Nicole Garcia, Leigh Ann Higgins,  Camille Ruiz Mangual

Fiction Editors: Stephanie Baur and Jillian Carver

Assistant Fiction Editors:  Aaliyah Knight and Russell Gibson

Fiction Readers: Helene Brun, Amber Langgle, Rebecca Marshall, Madison Smith, Kaleigh Whalen, Alex Zaldivar

Poetry Editor: Liv Sunna

Assistant Poetry Editor: Emily Horne

Poetry Readers: Xian Nguyen, Bri Posner

Script Readers/Editors: Stephanie Baur, Helene Brun, Jillian Carver, Rebecca Marshall, Glenn Moore, Madison Smith, Alex Zaldivar