The Cypress Dome Society is the University of Central Florida’s literary organization staffed by undergraduate students. It is named after a feature of the landscape on the UCF campus. Bald cypress trees often grow in nearly perfect circles, or domes, with the larger trees in the middle where the deepest water of a swamp is, and the smaller trees surrounding the center ones. Our organization’s name is derived from these mysterious and beautiful natural features of the Florida landscape.

The Cypress Dome Society fosters the creative community on campus through events and our annual publication, The Cypress Dome literary and visual arts magazine. We are a university-approved student organization dedicated to fostering the literary arts at UCF and promoting a sense of community among writers and artists.

We are focused on cultivating creativity and diversity through events such as our monthly Open Mic sessions and through The Cypress Dome magazine, both of which are open to graduate and undergraduate students.

Poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, flash fiction/nonfiction, scripts, graphic narratives, and visual art may be submitted in the fall term, according to submission guidelines distributed each fall, to be considered for publication in the annual issue published each spring. Founded in 1989, The Cypress Dome received the Associated Writing Programs Directors’ Award for exceptional content in 1995.

The Cypress Dome has celebrated over twenty-five years of existence, serving as a collection of the finest literary and visual work created by UCF students. With 34 editions completed, our future goal is to continue publishing high quality submissions while encouraging students from all majors, backgrounds, and areas of interest to submit their writing, so that we can create the most diverse, original, captivating collection of student literary work to be found.