Issue 2014

** Visual Art Submissions Extended Thru January 24th, 2021 **

The Cypress Dome accepts literary writing and visual art of many types.

Submissions to The Cypress Dome 2021 issue is open to all UCF students, undergraduate or graduate, enrolled full- or part-time during any semester of the 2020–2021 academic year.

We are looking for submissions that are fresh, exciting, or offer new perspectives. If you have that weird but brilliant story hidden away in your hard drive, now is a good time to bring it back to life. All stories should be of literary quality.

Submission Categories (ONE submission equals):

Fiction — maximum 6,000 words; we accept short stories or novel excerpts.

Nonfiction — maximum 6,000 words; we accept memoir, personal essays, literary journalism, or lyric essays.

Flash fiction/nonfiction — maximum of 3 prose pieces (maximum of 750 words each); we accept all forms of flash prose, but please identify genre (fiction, nonfiction, hybrid) in your cover letter.

Poetry — maximum of 3 poems; we accept poems in any form.

Scripts & Plays —maximum of 12 pages; we accept single act only.

Graphic Narrative — maximum 12 pages, black and white, fiction or nonfiction (please specify in your cover letter)

Visual Art — maximum 5 pieces of artwork; we accept drawings, paintings, photographs, digital art, sculptures, and other visual work, please note the medium in your cover letter. If selected, the art must be a minimum of 300 DPI.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is my submission due?

There are two submission periods. You can submit during the Early Bird Submissions AND/OR during Open Submissions. Here are the deadlines:

  • Early Bird Submissions (open Oct 1–Oct 31)
  • Open Submissions (open Nov 1–Dec 31)

Why would I make an Early Bird Submission?

If you make an Early Bird Submission and submit before Oct 31st, The Cypress Dome editors will review your work and respond with some feedback.  If you like, you can revise your work based on this feedback and re-submit it to be considered again in the second submission period OR you may make a completely new submission. Either way, you can submit again after November 1 in Open Submissions. This means you get the opportunity to submit more work or submit your work twice.

What counts as a submission?

The Cypress Dome accepts up to TWO submissions per student per submission period.  So, during the Early Bird Submission AND Open Submission periods, you can make the following kinds of submission: 2 stories; 1 story AND 3 poems; 1 essay AND 1 story; 1 script AND 5 pieces of visual art ; 1 graphic narrative AND 3 poems; three flash prose pieces AND 1 story; or 10 pieces of visual art. You get the idea.  Still confused? Email us at

Final decisions on all work regardless of submission period will be made in the Spring when all submissions have been reviewed.  Responses are usually sent by the beginning of April.

What should I put in my Cover Letter?

Include your name, address, phone number, UCF email address (and an email you check regularly, if those are not the same), academic status (graduate or undergraduate), in addition to the title(s) of submissions, submission category, number of words/lines per submission (if applicable) or medium of the work (visual art only). Copy and paste your Cover Letter into the box on the Submission Page.

What is the submission format?

  • Remove your name from all submitted work.  Please check headers and footers.
  • Include page numbers on all multi-page work.
  • For all text-based work, please submit a DOC or DOCX file.  You may submit PDF ONLY to retain non-standard formatting if applicable.

How do I make multiple submissions?

If you are making multiple submissions (2 per submission period), please upload all files per submission period to the same submission form.  All titles of individual work should be in the Cover Letter.

Where do I submit?

All submissions must be made at Submittable (

How do I know my work was received?

When your submission is received, Submittable will reply with an email.  Please check your spam filters and the email you used to sign in to Submittable.  If you do not receive an email (especially if you are submitting near the end of Open Submissions), please email to make sure your submission was received.

All work will be reviewed by the editors, evaluated according to artistic merit, and then accepted or denied. All submissions are blind reviews; editors do not know who the authors or artists are when reviewing submissions. Authors selected for publication will be asked to present an electronic copy of their work in Microsoft Word if not already supplied. Be patient while awaiting our response, final responses are usually sent by the beginning of April.

I heard there are awards?

Awards are given for the strongest submissions in each category. The Cypress Dome editors will select the winning entries. A celebratory reading will be held upon the release of the magazine in late April 2021.

I still have questions…

For more information please contact us at or the faculty advisor at Editors will be available to answer any questions in person by appointment. Please understand that we cannot discuss any of your pieces during the submission process, nor can we accept any cash, food, or small animals as gifts—your submissions are the only form of bribe we need.

Good luck, and submit away!