Anthony J. Brown

Creative Director, Assistant Production Editor, Poetry Reader

Editorial Staff, Issue 32

Anthony J Brown, Creative Director and Assistant Production Editor

Anthony J Brown, Creative Director, Poetry Reader, and Assistant Production Editor

Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society Member

Anthony J. Brown is a Radio–Television major, Creative Writing minor at the University of Central Florida. He enjoys analog and digital photography, musical curation, graphic design, poetry, and historical artifacts. When not creating in some form, he can be found spending time with family, playing sports and video games, or researching music, history, and watching television. His favorite shows are The Cosby Show, Martin, The Office, and 30 Rock. He can often be heard holding friendly debates with his loved one’s; but if you ask them, it’s always a lost cause.

ID: Anthony stands in a suburban yard. He wears an orange Miami Dolphins jersey—number 91—over a white t-shirt. He has short dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and deep brown skin.