Bonny Tran

Poetry Editor, Art Screener

Editorial Staff, Issue 32

Bonnie Tran Head Shot

Bonny Tran, Issue 32 Poetry Editor and Art Screener

Bonny Ha Tran is the poetry editor and art screener for the magazine. She leads her fellow poetry team members to figure out which poems would be the best fit for the magazine, also while screening through the art. She is a Creative Writing major with an Editing and Publishing certificate graduating a year early. Being a slam poet herself, Bonny has won CUPSI’s 2019 Haiku Championship. She loves all the realms of art and writing and dabbles in musical theatre. Follow her adventure through her Instagram @adorkabon!

ID: Bonny smiles in the sunlight. She is of Vietnamese descent, has light brown skin, shoulder-length straight black hair and dark brown eyes. She wears glasses, a black and green shirt, and there are brown backpack straps around her shoulders.