Devyn Le

Assistant Poetry Editor, Art Screener

Editorial Staff, Issue 32

Devyn Lee, Assistant Poetry Editor

Devyn Le, Issue 32 Assistant Poetry Editor and Art Screener

Devyn Le is the Assistant Poetry Editor and art screener for the Cypress Dome Magazine. She is earning her undergraduate degree in English Literature and a certificate in Editing and Publishing. She hopes to become a copyeditor in the publishing industry while exploring her interests in memoirs, poetry, and fiction. When she isn’t working as an editorial intern for Orlando Style Magazine and GenZ Publishing, she is spending time with her Goldendoodles, Penny and Baxter. For more in the life of Devyn, follow her on instagram @devyn.le and explore her e-portfolio at

ID: Devyn sits in a restaurant booth, her hand is against her chin. She wears a white long-sleeved shirt. Her long straight hair is brown, she has brown eyes, and rosy brown skin.