Katie Valenta

Fiction Reader, Copy Editor

Editorial Staff, Issue 32

Katie Valenta, Fiction Reader and Copy Editor

Katie Valenta, Fiction Reader and Copy Editor

Katie Valenta is a senior majoring in English—Creative Writing and in Writing and Rhetoric and minoring in Psychology. She is so grateful that her Creative Writing degree required her to intern with some publication, and that she was able to do that at Cypress Dome. It has given her a great community and wonderful experiences that she can carry into her future career. After graduating in just over a month and a half *ah! * she plans on entering the book publishing industry as an editorial assistant and continue along that journey wherever it may take her.

You can find Katie on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012822669278

ID: Katie stands under a flowering tropical tree. She has wavy brown hair, and smiles as she looks up at the sky.