Sarah Ashleigh Bailey

Fiction Editor

Editorial Staff, Issue 32

Sarah Bailey Fiction Editor

Sarah Bailey, Issue 32 Fiction Editor

Sarah Ashleigh Bailey (Ashby) is one of the fiction editors for the Cypress Dome magazine. She has an associate‚Äôs degree in English, and is majoring in Creative Writing/ minoring in Anthropology at the University of Central Florida, and hopes to continue a future in editing while satisfying her curiosity about humanity through her writing in both fantasy fiction and the occasional non-fiction essay. When not trying to catch up on the classic novels she never bothered to read in high school, she enjoys bonding with her dog Amelia Pond, and bingeing YouTube videos hilariously over-analyzing pop culture since her friends and family don’t always appreciate when she does it in real time about popular books, movies, and TV shows. She is also a fairly good singer, photographer, baker, and nail artist which she tries to showcase on occasion via IG @spencerthe3rd, and in a future blog:

ID: Sarah Bailey stands against a wood-paneled wall. She wears a green beret and a black shirt, has brown eyes and long curly brown hair and golden brown skin with freckles.