Zohra Qazi

Production Editor, Poetry Reader

Editorial Staff, Issue 32

Zohra Qazi, Production Editor adn Poetry Reader

Zohra Qazi, Production Editor and Poetry Reader

Zohra Qazi is an English Literature major at the University of Central Florida with minors in Cinema Studies and Middle Eastern Studies. They are the current Production Editor for The Cypress Dome where they work with the Production team to create the final layout and design for the magazine. Their main interests lie in avant-garde and experimental poetry, prose, and film. They are also the Editor in Chief for Sparks Magazine. When not writing or reading, they can be found playing Fire Emblem or Animal Crossing or re-watching Chungking Express for the millionth time.

ID: Zohra smiles behind a black mask and stands in front of a white wall. She has brown eyes and long curly brown hair and light brown skin. She wears a multicolored jacket over a black turtleneck.