The Cypress Dome 2019 Issue 30

Cover art: Zoraye Cyrus, Kaleigh Dandeneau, Lessie M. Nieves-Paugh

Cover and page design: Rachel Anderson

Faculty Advisor: Laurie Uttich

Graduate Assistant: Emma Reinhardt

Editorial Staff

Editor in Chief: Chris Ezell
Managing Editor: Morgan Rickey
Creative Director: Jackie Leger
Assistant Creative Director: Robyn Morie
Production Director: Nick Ganthier
Assistant Production Editors: Annelle De Jesus-Abikarram, Steven Archer, Cassie Rego, Abby Weisse
Promotion Director: Simon Grossman
Assistant Promotion Directors: Danielle Sarta, Emma Tumlin
Art Director: Sam Harden
Art Screeners: Ana Caicedo, Deirdre Cardona, Robyn Morie, Cassie Rego
Copy Chief: Demi Taveras
Copy Editors: Steven Archer, Ana Caicedo, Deirdre Cardona, Karla Grimes, Sam Harden, Haley Northrup, Morgan Rickey, Emma Tumlin
Fiction Editors: Karla Grimes, Haley Northrup
Assistant Fiction Editors: Simon Grossman, Robyn Morie
Fiction Readers: Jackie Leger, Cassie Rego, Morgan Rickey, Demi Taveras
Creative Nonfiction Editor: Abby Weisse
Assistant Creative Nonfiction Editor: Annelle De Jesus-Abikarram
Creative Nonfiction Readers: Steven Archer, Sam Harden, Emma Tumlin
Poetry Editor: Danielle Sarta
Assistant Poetry Editor: Deirdre Cardona
Poetry Readers: Ana Caicedo, Nick Ganthier

Cypress Dome Society Officers

President: Liv Sunná
Vice President: Bri Posner
Treasurer: Nicole Garcia
Historian: Jillian Carver
Secretary: Jackie Leger

In This Issue…

Ramesa Ahasan—Artwork: CRXNE.

Darla Billington—Poetry: “Wednesday Morning at a Nursing Home.”

Alexis A Brown—Nonfiction: “A Tent Full of Eyes.”

Zoraye Cyrus—Artwork: Honey Killer, Face Me, Green Eyes, and George Stinney Jr.: A boy facing a man’s end.

Jonathan Damato—Nonfiction: “Joann.”

Kaleigh Dandeneau—Artwork: Window and Joie de Vivre.

Theo Daniel—Fiction: “The Silent Man.”

Lauren Dolch—Fiction: “Montage of the Inevitable.”

Alejandro Estrada—Artwork: School Uniform.

Andrew Fabian—Editors’ Choice, Nonfiction: “The Weight of Inanimate Objects.” Nonfiction: “In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Go-Kart.”

Francesca Felicella—Artwork: New York, 2018.

Cameron Felt—Artwork: Sunrise in Arcadia, Greenhouse, and Home.

Brittney Fucheck—Artwork: Midnight, Gloria Mapuche, Celebration, Genealogy, and Eastern Moon.

Chantel Gallagher—Poetry: “Cariño.”

Sean Glatch—Editors’ Choice Poetry: “If Homophobia Didn’t Exist for a Day.”

Kianna Greene—Poetry, Open Mic Winner: “Rock Bottom.”

Joely Hart—Nonfiction: “Fort Chimera.”

LeAnn Hennis—Fiction: “A Universe in Motion.”

Sam Mendez—Poetry: “dear two white cubans” and “georgia o’keeffe.”

Bella Miranda—Artwork: Hoops.

Xian Nguyen—Editors’ Choice Fiction: “Hột Vịt Lộn.” Poetry: “My Father’s Wife” and “i dreamed of getting hit by a car.”

Lessie M Nieves-Paugh—Artwork: The Window of the Heart.

Sofia G. P. Pereda—Nonfiction: “La Vuelta.”

Addison Rothenbush—Poetry: “Christmas Sirens.”

Jessica M Santiago—Fiction: “Sold.”

Ericka Sobrack—Artwork: Pool House.

Brent Wiggins—Poetry: “Tree.”

Shamon Williams—Poetry: “Poetry is Not a Puzzle” and “Please Take Up.”