The Cypress Dome 2020 Issue 31

Cypress Dome Society Officers

President: Karla Grimes

Vice President: Abby Weisse

Treasurer: Alexandra Goforth

Secretary: Sean Glatch

Historian: Pamela Gores

Faculty Advisor: Micah Dean Hicks

Graduate Assistant: Tara Mayer

Editorial Staff

Editor in Chief: Sean Glatch

Managing Editor: Tara Mayer

Creative Director: Mehwish Khan

Production Editor: Kristi Dao

Assistant Production Editors: Angela Becker, Natasha Furness, Pamela Gores

Promotions Director: Christian Tippins

Promotions Assistants: Taylor Hadfield, Rachel Lichtenstein

Copy Chiefs: Pamela Gores, Renee Harrison

Copy Editors: Hannah Baker, Sydney Bowman, Isabella Bustamente, Blake Barbosa Gama, Christian Tippins

Creative Nonfiction Editor: Rachel Lichtenstein

Creative Nonfiction Readers: Sydney Bowman, Natasha Furness, Renee Harrison

Fiction Editor: Alexandra Goforth

Fiction Readers: Hannah Baker, Angela Becker, Blake Barbosa Gama, Isabella Bustamente, Kristi Dao, Pamela Gores, Taylor Hadfield, Mehwish Khan, Christian Tippins

Poetry Editor: Trevor Davies

Poetry Readers: Blake Barbosa Gama, Sean Glatch, Olivia Benitez

Art Director: Mehwish Khan

Art Screeners: Olivia Benitez, Trevor Davies, Alexandra Goforth

Cover Design & Layout: Lucy Lyman

Special Thanks To: John Santiago, Printing Services;Victor Davila, School of Visual Art and Design

In This Issue

Editor’s Choice

“When is a Monster Not a Monster?,” Megan Bontragor

“Choice and Other Illusions,” Jordan Alexander

“Billboard God,” Veronica Silva

“A Little Snooze,” Mel Murakawa-White

Open Mic Winner

“Black Coffee,” Gian Carlo Arellano


The Hanged Nail, Angela Orozco

“Don’t Cut Your Hair,” Courtney Moody

“Cavities,” Danielle Hoyer

“Anxiety-Induced Eczema,” Deirdre Cardona

“There’s a Certain Day (Stay Sober),” Sage Doreste

“The Venusian,” Jada Reyes

“When Fall Comes to My Ancestors’ Land,” Marie Burdett

“Force Majeure (This Room is Not my Own),” Nia Coleman

“Hallowed Ground,” Marie Burdett

“Blood,” Raquel-Sarah Kadin


“They,” Breanna Seale

“The Other Side,” Emma Joy

“Romantic,” Erica Walters

“The Poppy,” Rachel Casey

“The Woolen Coat,” Mary Renée Chrisco

“Iceland Icing,” Mel Murakawa-White


“Ghost Waltz,” Abigail Weisse

“‘Don’t throw bouquets at me’ and Other Rules I’m No Longer Following,” Angelika Suansing

“New York Will Shatter You,” Erica Walters

“A Chameleon’s Metamorphosis,” Hannah White

“I’m Not Afraid of Water,” J. B. Jemison


The Frog Dance, Mel Murakawa-White

Dead as a Doornail, Mel Murakawa-White

Nightshade I-III, Mär Martinez

Gladioli, Erin Stein

Where It Started, Erin Stein

Untitled Self-Portrait, Erin Stein

In His Bedroom After the War, Mindy Dixon

Digital Love, Andrea Cabezas

Yellow Memories, Andrea Merinsky

Energetically Calm, Andrea Merinsky

Raise Up, Raise Down, Andrea Merinsky

October 2nd, 2019, Gabriel Marino

¿Dónde se encuentra?, Alejandro Estrada Patiño

Mine, Alejandro Estrada Patiño

Intertwine, Alejandro Estrada Patiño