The Cypress Dome 2024 Issue 35

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Cypress Dome Society Officers

President: Haley Demirdog

Vice President: Bianca Dagostino

Secretary: Lorilie Louis

Historian: Margaret Wynn

Treasurer: Arlene Febles

Magazine Editorial Staff 2023-24

Editor in Chief: Lorilie Louis

Managing Editor: Alexa Fuentes

Copy Chief: Amantia Menalla

Production Editor:  Margaret Wynn

Assistant Production Editors: Jonas Ludka

Promotion/Circulation Director: Brianna Sanchez

Assistant Promotion/Circulation Director: Mary Logan Woolsey

Creative Director: Leah Cazzaniga

Assistant Creative Director: Aislinn Leonard

Art Director: Janina Bagerzadeh

Art Screeners: Lindzey Jacoby, Brendan Campbell, Margaret Wynn

Creative Nonfiction Editor: Isaiah Jones

Assistant Creative Nonfiction Editor: Brendan Campbell

Creative Nonfiction Readers: Brendan Campbell, Leah Cazzaniga, Isaiah Jones, Margaret Wynn

Fiction Editors:  Bianca Dagostino, María Leon

Assistant Fiction Editors: Brianna Sanchez, Tori Paul

Fiction Readers: Bianca Dagostino, Haley Demirdog, Juliana Erwin, Alexa Fuentes, Lindzey Jacoby, Maria Léon, Aislinn Leonard, Lorilie Louis, Tori Paul, Brianna Sanchez, Mary Logan Woolsey

Poetry Editor: Krista Ruffo

Assistant Poetry Editors: Arlene Febles

Poetry Readers: Janina Bagherzadeh, Arlene Febles, Jonas Ludka, Amantia Menalla, Krista Ruffo

Copy Editors: Brendan Campbell, Haley Demirdog, Juliana Erwin, Lindzey Jacoby, María Leon, Aislinn Leonard, Tori Paul, Brianna Sanchez, Mary Logan Woolsey, Arlene Febles